Demand Sensing: Improving Inventory & Customer Fulfillment Levels

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Demand Sensing: Improving Inventory & Customer Fulfillment Levels

Demand sensing can improve demand planning accuracy, reduce inventory while developing customer fulfillment levels, and also increasing profits which has been a challenging part for many companies.

What is demand sensing process? How can effective Demand sensing process help improve customer fulfillment levels while also avoiding increased inventory?

This whitepaper on Demand Sensing to Improve Inventory & Customer Fulfillment Levels explores the process in replacing E2Open with Oracle Demantra and discusses the positive impacts that it has brought into the Demand Planning process.

Learn about Demand sensing process to understand:

  • Internal supply chain positions, and the inventory levels in the extended supply chain on the customer side.

  • Accessing and Utilizing real time customer inventory information to add substantial advantage for demand planners.

  • Challenges, solutions and benefits in implementing demand sensing process.

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