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Prime Focus Technologies and Global Eagle Entertainment come together, strike a Media Asset Management Deal

By CIOReview | Monday, May 16, 2016
Ramki Sankaranarayanan, Founder & CEO, Prime Focus Technologies (PFT)

Ramki Sankaranarayanan, Founder & CEO, Prime Focus Technologies (PFT)

LOS ANGELES, CA: In a new agreement with Global Eagle Entertainment Inc., the technology wing of Prime Focus, Prime Focus Technologies (PFT) has concurred to deliver content at 30,000 feet. The world's largest media services powerhouse, Prime Focus will deliver this content through its award-winning hybrid cloud CLEAR Media ERP Suite.

Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. (GEE) is a world-wide media content provider and will leverage CLEAR Media ERP Suite as a content-hub for production houses, distributors, and agencies. GEE is well-renowned for its entertainment content-distribution services to satellites, airlines, cruise ships, mobile and web platforms, as well as directly to its OEM partners. The firm’s distributed content mainly includes movies, television shows, audio, games, digital magazines etc. "With global processing locations in London, Manchester, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Mumbai and at our headquarters in Los Angeles, GEE requires a robust media asset management platform that integrates with existing infrastructure. PFT's CLEAR Media ERP Suite fulfills this need and allow GEE in delivering unmatched breadth and depth of content to over 100 airlines globally through automation," said Ajay Malhotra, CIO & SVP of Content Operations, GEE.

By serving as a content-hub for GEE, CLEAR Media ERP Suite will store all the content towards a central cloud, called GEE Digital Automation Servicing Hub (DASH) before distributing it to clients and consumers leveraging a Global Delivery Network. This will help GEE in achieving the required speed and volume of content management. A variety of workflow functions can also be performed by GEE executives, once content is stored into the DASH by CLEAR Media ERP Suite. "We are thrilled to offer virtualization to GEE through CLEAR. For years we have worked with content enterprises to distribute content globally. GEE presents us with a unique opportunity to assist in the delivery of content at over 30,000 feet,” said Patrick Macdonald-King, President, North America, PFT.

The process of storing and distribution of content by leveraging CLEAR Media ERP Suite will also include low resolution proxy creation, source content transcoding, content-delivery to defined end points, suitable DRM encryption, and auto quality control of the high resolution content.