Omni-ID: Improved Inventory Visibility and Asset Management

George E. Daddis, Jr, PhD, President & CEO
Today, enterprises are increasingly deploying asset management strategies to reduce operational costs, improve profitability, and their competitive edge. The implementation of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions has enabled enterprises to better manage, maintain, and track their assets for daily and strategic business management decisions. The ability to track and locate high-value assets can be a challenge for any business, particularly in industry. Manufacturers for example, have a unique set of problems. Because processes in many industries are still managed manually with paper-based systems, it is nearly impossible to manage material flows efficiently. Most manufacturers know what is scheduled at the beginning of the day, and what the output is expected to be at the end of the day, but paper labels provide only sporadic visibility and minimal manual control for what happens in between. The manufacturing world is changing, and paper labels can no longer keep up with the complexity of the processes. With record high new product introduction rates, increased global competition, mass customization and product options, not to mention the additional requirements for “green” initiatives have all put more pressure on manufacturers to keep production running and manage material flow efficiently. However, given the stability of the EAM market, manufacturers along with other industry verticals have invested heavily on asset management solutions.

Omni-ID based in Rochester, NY, has been helping large industrial customers leverage agile EAM solutions to manage asset lifecycles and optimize future planning with industrial passive and active RFID solutions. These widely accepted technology solutions are proven to create both business process and financial efficiencies. Understanding the situation at hand specifically for manufacturers, Omni-ID has also developed ProVIEW, specifically to create turnkey material flow management solutions for large capital goods manufacturing firms. “Our solutions have been created to address the number 1 issue causing factory inefficiency to get the right materials to the right place and at the right time,” states George E. Daddis, Jr, PhD, President and CEO, Omni-ID.

Transforming the Industry through a Culture of Innovation. firm developed a groundbreaking design for passive UHF RFID tags that provided near perfect accuracy in harsh environments, including around metals and liquids, which had not been done before. Omni-ID began as a research and development team formed within QinetiQ, an international defense and security technology company.The Omni-ID’s patented technologies resulted in a radical shift in the way the RFID tags were viewed and broadly expanded the industrial use applications and possibilities. Today, Omni-ID is the key developer and largest global supplier of industrial, passive, active, and visual e-paper tags.

Our solutions have been created specifically to get the right materials at the right place and at the right time

The company is proactively solving the challenges of high-value asset identification and material flow management across industries by offering a variety of unique auto-identification solutions.

Delivering Products that Perform

Omni-ID is leading the way in helping the industry take advantage of the benefits of auto-identification solutions. The company offers passive and active RFID solutions with a wide range of performance and form factors for industrial applications. These solutions are used by enterprises today for IT and laboratory asset management, yard management in the construction and energy industries, as well as for manufacturing and logistics applications. From simple asset tracking to maintenance and meeting compliance requirements – these solutions provide a simple and cost effective means for asset lifecycle tracking. Based on its design expertise, the company boasts a wide variety of products ranging from on-metal printable labels to steel encased tags that can be hit with a sledgehammer.

Enter the Industrial Internet of Things

In addition to a broad range of RFID tags, Omni-ID also offers a visual tagging system called ProVIEW. The company’s ProVIEW solution is an IoT-based system and offers a true, turnkey paper replacement for manufacturing – with benefits. ProVIEW combines the immediate reliability of paper labels, the tracking capability of RFID along with software and “link” components. “Our ProVIEW solution enables manufacturers to control the instructions and the process flows right on the factory floor in real time by creating smart containers,” says Daddis. At the core of ProVIEW are the e-paper or View tags, which come in three sizes. ProVIEW is the first system to provide paperless, wireless, end to end process visibility, and dynamic material flow management. ProVIEW also provides a complete two way feedback loop—the View tags tell the operators what to do with them, operators can also for the first time interact with the system for confirmation of action or QA records with the simple push of a button. All of the actions are tracked and stored within the system. Every rack, item, container on the factory floor is tracked with location, state and condition—which can be dynamically changed at any time to accommodate a work flow change.


Rochester, NY

George E. Daddis, Jr, PhD, President & CEO

A developer and global supplier of high performance, highly durable, passive, active and e-paper based auto-identification solutions used to improve workflow and provide accurate asset tracking and management.

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