xFusion Technologies: A Harbinger of EAM Innovation

Sanjib Nayak, Founder & CEO
The widespread deployment of cloud computing in the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) landscape is helping enterprises get closer to optimum productivity—by offering a unique level of flexibility and manageability. Talking about today’s EAM landscape, Sanjib Nayak, Founder and CEO, xFusion Technologies says, “Visibility and the ability to access enterprise assets by anyone, anytime, anywhere and through any device are critical parameters for EAM success.” EAM encounters a multitude of issues— lack of visibility in enterprise assets (like hardware and software applications), inefficiency in asset documentation, asset dependencies, asset lifecycle management, and the governance process.

xFusion’s flagship solution— xCellence, is a multitenant cloud and on-premise EAM solution that can virtually manage and govern the end-to-end lifecycle of any enterprise asset including applications, APIs, platforms, software, databases, servers, and storage. The platform allows sophisticated design-time governance by exploring the existing enterprise assets and their reusability for current and future requirements. It also manages dependencies between enterprise assets for effective change impact analysis.

Additionally, the xCellence platform creates an enterprise asset repository providing a 360-degree view of the assets and their dependencies, and allows management of end-to-end life cycles of each enterprise asset through any medium such as web browsers, mobile phones, and tablets. “xCellence takes an engineered approach for Enterprise Asset Governance-as-a-Service (EAGaaS) that is collaborative, easy, intuitive, and innovative,” highlights Nayak. Moreover, the platform allows the asset and associated metadata definition, and asset lifecycle definition through configuration with zero coding effort. The platform supports asset tagging and efficient objective-based searches, asset lifecycle management, and asset dependency analysis visually. In addition to its sophisticated security and audit-control capabilities, the platform’s social collaboration capability adds an efficient mechanism for design-time governance of the enterprise assets.

xFusion’s offerings are not just limited to the xCellence platform. The company also supports enterprises with its xPlore KIN and xAqua solutions.

xCellence takes an engineered approach for Enterprise Asset Governance-as-a-Service (EAGaaS) that is collaborative, easy, intuitive, and innovative

xPlore is an integrated framework, built with processes, tools and best practices that help end-to-end Legacy Systems Modernization Planning by in-sourcing people, processes, and technical knowledge about the legacy systems. xAquaInfobus is an open-source based solution specifically developed for enterprise service and data integration, and API Management. xAquaInsight is built on top of xAquaInfobus, and provides end-to-end capabilities that are essential for large-scale data processing, analytics, and data visualization. Over the years, xFusion’s best-in-class technology, strategy, and architecture services have helped various valued clients. For one client, the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), xFusion designed a comprehensive enterprise architecture plan—a technology blueprint to enhance DHCS’ approximately $1 billion project portfolio.

Initially founded as a technology architecture and strategy services firm, xFusion now offers a full range of IT services and solutions, which includes systems integration, custom project development, big data, and business analytics services. The company’s experienced management team, employees, and business partners are skilled in selected domains and technology; striving hard to take innovation to a whole new level. Highlighting xFusion’s unique ideology, Nayak says, “We approach technology initiatives with a business context; this enables us to seek tangible outcomes.”

As IT’s complexity grows, xFusion will act as a strong pillar that supports countless enterprises; progressing further on the path of excellence. “Our company is built on four core values: commitment, integrity, innovation, and leadership. We are constantly focused on these areas to stay ahead of the competition,” extols Nayak. In days to come, “xFusion will continue its innovation and research focused on solving business critical operations effectively and efficiently,” he concludes.

xFusion Technologies

Rancho Cordova, CA

Sanjib Nayak, Founder & CEO

Provides a full range of IT services and solutions including enterprise architecture, systems integration, custom project development, and business analytics.

XFusion Technologies